Creating Global Citizens on a Mission

The Bella Beau Foundation empowers youth and young adults with the skills and training necessary to become outstanding leaders, role models and active contributors to their communities through unique educational programs, mentoring partnerships, imaging development and activities that emphasize leadership and communication skills.

Leadership and Service.

The Bella Beau Foundation envisions a society of engaged youth who share their responsibility as global citizens in improving their communities through leadership and service.

Leveraging our joint venture partnerships and relationships with High Schools, Colleges and Universities, Non-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations, our high level impact upon the lives of young adults is outcome driven and documented.


Day Programs | Assemblies | Saturday School

Our primary focus is leadership development and academic success while driving the learner towards life-skills literacy, personal aptitude, peer communication, college preparedness, and/or vocational pursuits.


Day Programs | Ongoing Mentor Project

Facilitate peer driven mentoring and relationship/skill building to strengthen communication skills, conflict resolution, and healthy competition as a mechanism for driving personal achievement and success.


Day Programs | Mentoring | Wrap Services

Provide institutional-based supportive services that are academic, character, and leadership focused as a means of introducing law-abiding stewards into local neighborhoods and communities, while teaching how to build programs and infrastructure within complex urban environments.

Building Partnerships & Communities

Let's Build Better. Together.

Our programs and services are partner-centered and community focused.
To that end, young people and adults will:
–  Develop their leadership skills
–  Enhance their imaging practices
–  Improve their relationships with parents, adults and/or peers
–  Engage in community service
–  Develop personal success through life management skills
–  Develop core success principles of entrepreneurship.